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Ethical Investment

The Ethical Investment Co-operative Ltd are specialists who offer financial advice to clients who want to align their investments with their ethical preferences. The Co-operative has adopted a structure whereby all members are equal and therefore decisions are made on simple majorities, no one director has any more influence than any fellow directors. Key functions and responsibilities are proportionally distributed through the membership, the membership is controlled and restricted to selected financial advisers with appropriate qualifications and who have a desire to promote ethical and environmental investment.

The Co-operative is independent and is transparent and open with regard to its operation and costs. The company has enjoyed working closely with Amnesty International UK over the past 12 years helping to promote ethical investment to their members and has also provided a donation stream in excess of £60,000 over the period. During the same time the Co-operative has been voted by the Consumer Finance Awards run by The Guardian and Observer Newspaper Group as the best IFA firm for three consecutive years with the fourth year as runner up.

The members of the Co-operative believe in what they do and operate the same values and principles within their own lifestyles and working environment. It is with this focus that makes the job worthwhile, in the knowledge that they are helping to assist others who are trying to adopt a lifestyle with a more positive impact on the environment or help discourage the non-ethical working practices of some companies. In the long term, it is hoped that these values will be commonplace which will encourage better corporate behaviour which will be considered the norm.