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01 Jun

Happy Birthday Flintlock Studios!

Added by - Sarah on 01 June 2015

Today Flintlock Studios are celebrating their 1st birthday here at Aske. We can’t quite believe it’s already been a year since they moved in. We are pretty sure it was only last week since Jon and Tom were painting the walls in the office and putting together the furniture.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Flintlock Studios– they have doubled their team size from 3 to 6, created a huge amount of data and are very close now to having a playable video game. In fact if you want to know what they have done in the past year check out the infographic below – we do think they might have to cut back on the coffee consumption next year!

As for the next year, they expect it to be just as hectic as this previous year. In the next month they are going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to get them to the point the game needs to be, and they are expecting the release of Lithic, their Prehistoric Fantasy game to be released some time after that.

Flintlock wanted to thank everyone who has supported them so far, being a new start-up isn’t always easy at time but they say that they couldn’t have chosen a better place to do it in. They are off now to have some cake – if you’d like to stay up to date with how their game is going, you can follow them on Twitter.