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26 Jun

Flintlock Studio's Kickstarter Campaign

Flintlock Studio's Kickstarter Campaign

Added by - on 26 June 2015

Local business entrepreneurs are launching a Kickstarter to bring their video game to fruition. Flintlock Studios, based at Aske have launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise £10,000 to help finish the first stage development of their PC game Lithic.

Their first in-house title, Lithic, is a strategy role playing game. Set in Flintlock Studios’ prehistoric fantasy world, players will have control of a tribe of creatures who have survived a disaster and take them through development, from learning speech and creating simple tools to forming a civilisation.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be producing a game such as this one,” said Lead Designer Jon Hughes. “Although there are a lot of games out there where you have to build a city or develop a civilisation, they start once the civilisation has already been founded. We are looking at what happens before that. It’s not really something that has been done before.”

The £10,000 that the studio is looking to raise is to be put towards animation and sound for the game. The game will then launch in an Early Access format to the public. Anything raised over the £10,000 will be put towards job creation and further development of the in-game world.

Flintlock Studios is proud to be bringing the video game industry to a rural area. “We really want to prove that you don’t have to be based in a large city to create something so dependent on the latest technology” said Lead Developer Tom Stevenson. “We have expanded from a team of 3 to a team of 6 in the past year alone and we hope that this job creation can continue into the future. We know of quite a few technology firms based in and around Richmond but we think we are one of the first to be bringing the game development industry here”

Kickstarter is a fantastic way to bring creative projects into being and also a way for supporters out there to have their say in the development of the game. Flintlock Studios are offering rewards to people who support the campaign that range from computer desktop wallpapers, to copies of the game to tickets to Lithic’s launch party.

Flintlock Studios’ Kickstarter is now live and can be found here.

If you want more information about supporting Flintlock Studios’ Kickstarter you can contact Beki at