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08 Dec

Voltigeur the Racehorse

Voltigeur the Racehorse

Added by - Sarah on 08 December 2015

Yesterday Purple Creative had a client who came to The Stables for a meeting who was a huge horse racing fan! He had heard of Aske Stables and told the Purple team all about a famous thoroughbred racehorse who was trained at Aske called Voltigeur.

Voltigeur won the Derby and St Leger in 1850 and was voted 13th in a 1886 poll of the Best British Racehourses of the 19th Century.

Voltigeur was also the only racehorse to be painted by Edwin Henry Landseer. Landseer, although initially reluctant to paint the horse, finally relented and was apparently fascinated that Voltigeur was constantly accompanied by a tortoiseshell cat who slept on his back!

After being inspired to discover more about Voltigeur the Purple team dug up these wonderful photos which may be of interest to occupiers of Aske Stables.

The pictures below feature Joan Firth who has visited the stables a number of times. Joan was the granddaughter of the Head Stud Groom to Lord Zetland in 1927 and when she came to visit in 2007 she brought these wonderful family pictures with her to show us.

We hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we do, it is sometimes easy to forget that the offices were actually working stables.