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08 Oct

David Miller Photography and Photobarn at Aske

David Miller Photography and Photobarn at Aske

Added by - James on 08 October 2014

We have a wide variety of businesses at Aske and one business which has grown in the 8 months that it has been here is David Miller Photography and his photography training franchise Photobarn Richmond.

David operates his businesses from Aske based around his lifelong love and passion for photography. Not only is David a professional photographer specialising in portraits, weddings and commercial photographs but he also runs photography training classes.

The success of these classes saw David move out of one office into a larger space. He has brought over 600 people into the estate since February and courses are often booked up 2-3 months in advance!

People travel from far and wide to come to Aske to see David, from locations such as Durham, York and Leeds as well as local to Aske.

Moving to Aske saw David bring his business plan forward and he has never looked back!

To find out more about David as a photographer as well as his courses please click on the links below.

Facebook David Miller

Facebook Photobarn Richmond