Electric Car Charging Point

An Electric Car Charging Point has been installed on the Estate next to The Smithy.

It is a Type 2 charging point which is standard in the UK and so all UK Electric Cars should be able to use it. As the electricity supply to the Estate is single phase, it is not a fast charger but would, for instance, charge a Nissan Leaf from empty to 100% in about 3-4 hours.

At the moment, the Car Charging point is free of charge with the cost being borne by the Estate. So if you are thinking of changing your car to an electric/ hybrid vehicle then the Charging Point is available 24/7 for anyone working in or visiting the Aske Offices.

A similar charging unit is soon to be fitted at Olliver and as the electricity supply at Olliver is 3 phase, it will take less time to charge the cars.