Zetland Estates

A leading example of rural regeneration in North Yorkshire, Aske set the benchmark for estate commercialisation with the renovation of its 100 year old stable block, transforming it into over 20,000 square foot of premium office space whilst retaining many of the building’s original features & character.

The office complex, opened in 2000 by William Hague MP, has gone from strength to strength, and is today home to nearly 30 thriving and diverse businesses, ranging from small start-ups to large firms with multiple locations. For further information about office rentals, please see our Commercial page.

But when did it all start?

Sir Lawrence Dundas Purchases Aske


The Aske Estate, near Richmond in North Yorkshire, was bought by Sir Lawrence Dundas in 1763 from Lord Holderness for £45,000 and proceeded to enlarge and remodel it in Palladian taste by the premier Yorkshire architect, John Carr, who also designed new stables.

Mark Dundas, 4th Marquess of Zetland


Marquess of Zetland is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 22 August 1892 for the former Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lawrence Dundas, 3rd Earl of Zetland. Zetland is an archaic spelling of Shetland. The current Marquess is Mark Dundas, 4th Marquess of Zetland.

Work starts on Aske Stables


Built in 1887 to the designs of Thomas Oliver, the stunning Victorian Aske Stables fell into decline after being requisitioned in the 2nd World War and then later used as a chicken-rearing premises before falling into disrepair as a general storage facility.

In 1999 a refurbishment project was undertaken by the Earl of Ronalshay to restore life back into the Stables.


Aske Stables Opened by William Hague


The Aske Stables was officially re-opened as a Prestigious Commercial Office development by the Rt Honourable William Hague in June 2000. The refurbishment provides more than 30 offices spaces of varying sizes.

Work Starts on Riding School Offices


Following the success of the Aske Stables, which has attracted a wide variety of business types into the region, Zetland Estates undertook the redevelopment of the old Riding School building and adjacent stable stalls. This has resulted in five modern offices all fully self-contained.

Olliver Opens


Continuing the quest to convert old redundant estate buildings, for commercial use, the old farm buildings at Olliver were officially opened by HRH Duke of Gloucester in June 2007.

Zetland Square Opens


The Zetland Square development opens in Richmond following the refurbishment of an old primary school building and church. The school building has created two modern office units and the church, first converted as the drop-in centre for the local council, was further refurbished to create a suite of six smaller offices.

Zetland Estates Today


In 2020 Zetland Estates is now recognised as a major provider of commercial space in the Richmond Area. Spread across five prime developments, Zetland Estates is host to some 30 businesses and their various employees.