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11 May

Cake & Fundraising at Ginger Tree

Added by - Sarah on 11 May 2017

On Thursday 25th May Ginger Tree will be hosting an afternoon to raise awareness and funds for the Alzehimer’s Society.

All businesses on the Estate are invited to attend, there will be lots of cake to eat as well as tea and art.

The cakes will be made by Barbara Bracchi who lives on the Estate and we have already been lucky enough to taste some samples, which are delicious.

Susan Walgate of ArtXchange will be bringing along some of her own art work which she sells for charitable causes. There will also be the opportunity for businesses to rent art from Susan if they wished, perfect to brighten up any office space.

As if that is not enough to celebrate it is also the Soil Association Organic Beauty Week, so apart from the cake eating, it should all be about good health!

To find out more information please contact Kathy on