Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to provide answers to the more common questions we are asked. If you cannot find a suitable answer here then please call the Estate Office on 01748 821888 or email

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Is there a postal collection at Aske?

Yes: At the Aske Stables there is a red postbox adjacent to the Smithy Meeting Room facility and the postal services collects at 4:45pm Monday - Friday and 11am on Saturday.

Can you offer on-site catering?

Yes: We have a number of third party caterers who we can put you in touch with. You can contact the Estate office on 10748 822000 who will provide you with details of the caterer best suited to your meeting or function needs.

Do you have broadband in the offices?

Yes: We provide high speed broadband services directly into all of our offices with both CAT5 wall outlets, for direct connection of computers and VoIP telephones, and private, secure WiFi connections. 

Do you have any meeting facilities?

Yes: The original old Smithy building was refurbished some years ago and offers you a Board Room style setting that can seat up to 14 people. If you move the tables and chairs to one side you can accommodate closer to 30+ people in the room. There is also a complete kitchenette area and toilet so you are self-sufficient. Please contact the Estate Office on 01748 822000 for more information.

Can you provide telephony solutions for the offices?

Yes: The Estate works with technology partners who can supply and install suitable telephony packages for you based on modern VoIP solutions. This will use the Estates high speed broadband connection, in place of the more traditional telephone line, and offers cheaper call charges and higher levels of functionality!

Do you have car parking facilities?

Yes: We have ample parking capacity at most of our office developments. The only exception to this is at Zetland Square where there is limited parking on a first come basis.